Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Calender

Here's a short compiled list of some of regional rides and races that are on Red Barn's radar for the calendar year 2015

JP's Fat Pursuit          Jan 10th
Stokr                         May 9 &10th
The Helenduro          May 16th
Tour de Root             June 12th
Anaconda Bikefest    June 20th-22nd
Hair of Dog Enduro   June 21st
Ratpod                        June 27th
Gallatin Valley Enduro    July 18th
Skalkaho Mt Tour      July 19th
Butte 50/100              July 25th
The Grand Enduro     Aug 2nd
Fitz Barn                    Aug 7th
Montana Hell Ride    Aug 15th
Whitefish Enduro      Aug 16th
Lost Trail Shuttlefest  Aug 28th
CINO Heroica            Sept 12-13th
Red Lodge Enduro    Sept 20th

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