Monday, May 24, 2010

Reimel Creek

   Went and rode the reimel trail this past weekend with JB, instead of taking the direct route heading into the reimel drainage we made a slight detour that skirted around on an upper ridge that paralleled hwy 93. On top was a nice trail with no name and some fantastic views, even spotted a small herd of elk which is always kind of a treat in itself. Trail eventually faded and the drop down to reimel required some hiking through nasty downfall, once we got to the creek we still had to improvise a way across. Bender showed the easiest way across was to actually ride through the ice cold water so i followed suit instead of trying to find a log to cross. Two cold feet later and a short hike out of the drainage we were standing on the reimel trail. Well, i wish i could say the trail was in perfect condition....but downfall was to be the main subject of the day and we encountered log after log with short amounts of pedaling inbetween. We probably made our way up the creek about a mile or so before we both raised the white flag and decided to head back down. Bender rarely raises a white flag, to see it was a treat in itself.
  Before turning it in and heading back to the vehicle we also checked out Wallace creek, and Diggins creek. Diggins looked like it had potential and judging by the forest service map we realized the trail gained about a 1000ft in the first mile. We should have taken the sign from pepe-le-pew at the trail head as a warning to what we were about to encounter. Gut busting, herniation causing climbs are not my favorite. Already been there once before and they're not enjoyable. You just climb as far as you can and eventually find a tree to lean on, allowing your lungs and blood flow to catch back up, repeat about a dozen or so times and we found ourselves at the top of a nice open ridge and a knap weed filled meadow. Perfect. A short nap of the other kind and eventually storm clouds convinced us that it was probably time to bag the day. The decent back down Diggins wasn't honestly worth the effort it took to get up, but it is nice to see new country, and to enjoy the day outside. To that, Success.
pic of JB near the top of Diggins Creek

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the new work bench

modeled exactly after the old bench, just a little off on the stain  : )  but now it's nice to have ONE continuous bench top and the few extra drawers for storing extra parts and tools.