Friday, August 31, 2007


one for the cruizer fans out 83' Mongoose Koz cruiser. Cook Brothers fork, Boss bars, DX pedals, and a sugino crank/chainwheel....truely fashionable.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

another classic cruiser

1947 Schwinn Hornet (ladies)

1927 Elgin Motorbike

and also the same frame/fork that Pereira modeled their most recent show bike after. I'm not 100% sure what i'm going to do with it quite yet so we'll just hang her up in the back until i cross that path. Kind of neat stuff though and felt like sharing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Titus Supermoto

2007 Titus Supermoto's have been reduced down to a pretty darn decent deal.

$750 !!!

We also have a few 2007 Fox Talas 36 RC2's for $600

Monday, August 27, 2007

Nicholia pics

just thought i'd post a few pics up from this past weekend...i'd like to thank our good buddy Shrek for joining us (with broken leg) and being the official camp host and chief entertainer. For those that joined in on the festivities.....thanks for the good times.

2007 Nicholia Creek (Wilderness Study Area and threatened to be potentially closed to mtb's for good)

Day One:

Day deux:

Friday, August 24, 2007


Micro from Austin TX.....thanks Ian for the 6er of your local brew. Mucho appreciated from the redbarn crew !
is it beer-thirty yet ?

Happy friday folks !

Red Barn's friday tunes......i think it's going to be a Wilco day here. I've compiled 9hrs of various albums so don't be surprised to hear them playing 8 hours from now. When Wilco runs out there will be some Uncle Tupelo, Sunvolt, and Billy Bragg to back them up which are all older incarnations of the original group...go out and get some good tunes by any of the above....i'm pretty sure everything they've ever made is pretty darn good. Welp unless you get some expiramental drum stuff from Glenn Kotche , bdiddy and i went to see him this last winter and it was just ok. (check here for that weekend).

Speaking of weekends.....don't be surprised if you call the shop and there isn't anyone here on saturday. Because we're packing the bags and heading back down to Dell MT. to ride the ID/MT state divide trail and to get in some good car camping and fantastic singletrack. She's beautiful down there i tell ya. Hopefully i'll have a short ride report when i get back on monday.

And if you're not going anywhere this weekend make sure you go and cheer on the folks that are participating in the 2nd annual Bitterroot Classic Triathalon , Aaron will be there assisting with air (sorry no oxygen support, we're talking for your tubes folks) , and any mechanical support that the racers may need.
have a good one !

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sunday ride

here's a couple of pics from this past sunday...Sheephead Creek down near the Nez Perce pass. You can kinda tell in the middle picture with sir hanrahan that the air quality is quite piss poor in this part of country as the fires in Montana are about as bad as it gets and on par with the summer of 2000. No reason not to ride though.

as for the trail....super conditions and the dh was fantastic.

Vassago Bandersnatch

2007 Vassago Bandersnatch built up 1 X 9

Monday, August 06, 2007

Proud papa

So this past weekend my family and i headed on over to Idaho to hit up the Hiawatha Trail for a little family fun and a camp over (and also to flee from the smoke from the ongoing local forest fires). Caelen, my oldest and only son who is only six years old decided to ride the 15 mile trail on his own will. If you're gonna rope in a 6 yr old to ride 15 miles then there is nothing like 7 very old train tunnels and 5 bridges to keep the attention of a young tike. He finished the ride and still managed to crack a smile but consumed a ton of calories afterwards as i'm sure he was near his first real life BONK. The scenery is second to none and i would esily recommend this ride to all....mark it on your TO DO list as it's an amazing ride.

the lonest tunnel was over a mile and a half in length !! Darker than night and around 32 degrees in temperature. You MUST bring lights !

the bridges were damn cool too !

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ventana El Cuervo

We just finished up two of the El Cuervos this past week for a pair of fellas over in Anaconda....pretty nice and very fast.

Marzocchi Triple Eights RC2X....E.Thirteen gaurd and guides....Avid Codes.....Syncros bars, wheels, seatpin, saddle, and grips.