Monday, September 28, 2009


Interbike trade show.....and unfortunately a lack of indoor photos, but we did make our rounds in the three days that we were there. Saw some cool stuff and met up with some old pals and met a few new ones along the way too. So.......Here's a few pics that i did come back with:

Chub Hubs and the Hive along with the entire Formula brake line looks very promising. We also noticed Formula spec'd on quite a few bikes this year including Turner.

a big dumb pug (the bike)??

bamboo by Boo

Raleigh SS CX

speaking of appears Matt S. is the new queen of cross.

29" wheeled BMX (and i thought my Koz felt big) ??

cross vegas

Crit Championships

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what happens in vegas's that time of year when bike geeks like mysef head to the city of sin to take on the behemoth we call interbike. Rows upon rows of bike paraphenalia from the world over. Some exciting and new and some that just make you wanna scratch your head and wonder WTF??!!

But before we actually get to sift through all of this stuuuuuff.....first we have to get our vegas strip stretch going on. You know, to properly break in the legs (and livers) before the actual first show day. We hoof down the strip in constant search for the next drink special, the sweet smell of fresh septic lingers. Rows upon rows of prostitutes and dope dealers, and even those wacky card flippin folks line the street handing out postcards of sultry promise. Lights. Explosions. Sirens. And of course the never ending ding-ding-ding from the millions of slot machines that are so cleverly positioned right near the casino entrance as a lure. It's a cerebral overload as we soak this stuff in......our rural habituated lifestyle takes a backseat as we try our hardest to keep up with this mess of a place. Wish us luck ! And more fotos to come ..... Interbike starts today.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

pic share

Minor Lakes in the Big Hole Valley.....

riding up from the valley floor takes you along wide open, sage covered plains

up into rock strewn, tree covered trails.

and eventually topping out at a scenic lake that makes you upset because you didn't pack a fishing pole.

Deuter packs

This past labor day weekend i had the opportunity to try out the new Deuter EXP 12 hydration pack instead of my old trusty Deuter Crossair pack on some longish trail rides over in the Big Hole valley. The EXP 12 is a little smaller than my crossair but still large enough (850 cu in) to pack plenty of food, a 3 liter bladder which comes with the pack, a few trailside repair tools, a rainjacket, and of course a full sized camera. The pack sat nice on my back once i had all of the straps properly adjusted and their Airstripes comfort system was pretty comfy too. Price - $99

another nice feature is their built in rain cover that sits in a small zippered pouch at the very bottom of the bag. Perfect for keeping gadgets safe and dry.

youngster devall rockin' the Larry Creek loop

cool.....he choose to go over the waterbar : )