Thursday, July 30, 2009

1st Annual Skalkaho Mt Tour

the innagural ride went off without a hitch, was recepted very well and i'm positive the second incarnation will be even better. The 56 mile loop which started and ends right from the shop climbed 3500ft before topping out deep into the Sapphire mt range and had fantastic views of the Bitterroot Range. The decent back down was a little loose since it's been fairly dry but i heard folks kept it safe and just about everyone kept the rubber side down. Once back at the shop the riders were awarded free Bitterroot Brewery beer and grilled food by our pal Paul Weese. For the full's Ravalli Republic's version

here's a few pics

tracy and dad at the start of the climb
maureen eyes some bounty

so does Joe
Maddie and g-ma posing next to the newly fabricated hitch rack adapter...perfect for running mech sag support.

seems like i've posted something like this before

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twenty 6

so, about a month ago or so Bret and I headed over to Bozeman to hook up with good buddies, meet with MMBA, and also sample some of the super fine singletrack that is in their backyard. While we were there John P gave us the tour of Tyler's machine shop where Twenty 6 bicycle products are born and bred.

first the pictures from within the twenty6 compound.

blocks of aluminum take shape

bozeman ride

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pioneer Mountains

Tahepia Lake......possibly destined to be close within 3 months from changes within travel management policy. So MMBA decided to coordinate an advocacy/possible last ride hurrah. The 8 mile long trail gains 2400 ft and eventually drops you off at one of the more scenic high alpine lakes in all of western montana. Following the creekbed you weave in and out of logpole covered forests and wildflower filled meadows with clear mountain streams that cut away at their own aimless route. 24 folks gathered to bid fairwell to the fantastic trail and the trailside company was fantastic.

the group poses for a pic

a singletrack runs through it.

Henrietta and Skip

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Vassago Jabberwocky

a few pics of a Jabber w/ Shimano Alfine 8 spd internal geared rear hub: