Thursday, February 24, 2011


again. Big thanks to the City of Hamilton for this mornings entertainment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a couple images

Here's a couple of photos from the trip to minneapolis.....once again, good times were had by all. This first picture was taken from the second floor at QBP, obviously space is in abundance here. This one photo really doesn't scratch the surface of the space this building entails. It's a big building and it's run razor sharp. A testiment to the folks that work here.

seen at frostbike....a big dummy hauling around an ice auger. My guess is the person that owns it used it for a test pilot before lighting the bonfire as seen in photo number three.

First time i've ever experienced such a large bonfire on the surface of a frozen pond, but when in Sota' do as the Sotian's do.

and this final photo shows the beginning of the storm that kept me in Minneapolis for one extra day.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Go ahead and give me shit, it's 9:30pm here and i'm already in my room for the night. No late shin-nan-iganns are going to be happening for me. One tired fella right now and i'm headed for bed. Good day though even though i missed out on breakfast. It started off with a decent advocacy seminar, then off to Salsa's Cycles slideshow highlighting a few adventures that they've recently been on and then a few rounds of questions and answers afterward. Salsa sure has alot of really exciting products out right now....and adventure seems to be the theme. Looking forward to seeing their entire line tomorrow at the EXPO.

Dinner was good. Dessert was good too. The professional comedian from Seattle that performed afterward was even better. These QBP folks sure pull out all the stops.

tomorrow...EXPO, pugsley race and i hear the folks at Peacock Grove are having a party afterward. So tonite i rest, tomorrow should be sweet.


I arrived in Minneapolis yesterday and was greeted with some fantastic 50 degree weather. A little different than last years knarly cold bone chill that Brian and i survived. Day one here was pretty good and consisted of a meet and greet with bike shops from all over the country and QBP staff. Well, i didn't really meet too much and found myself amongst some familiar faces from montana. Alex from Missoula Bicycle Works, Dave and Kevin from Hellgate Cyclery, and Robert from Big Sky. I did cross paths with Steve Flagg, and told him how much we appreciated the letter he sent to IMBA advocating for snow bike useage in Yellowstone. We chatted briefly about that whole scenario and how incredibly stupid YNP's reaction to snow bikes has been. Also got to say hello to Scott Fitzgerald the infamous major of Victor Idaho and owner of Fitzgerald's bike shop in Jackson Hole.....he's here with wife, young son and service manager. Scott's another person who has been very active with the entire snow bike access. Check out his article here

Nothing too exciting though.....just lots of beer, food, and good conversation and then it was lights out on day one and falling to sleep with the drone of ESPN Sportscenter all night. dun-nun-nunt

Today should be interesting.....get to see my pal Mark and his side kick, stuffin muffin who both live here. Not sure what's up with the nick name and i'm too afraid to ask, if i gain a little courage to find out i'll be sure to report back. Not too sure what the day will bring either but i'm hoping for Mayslacks Roast Beef and a cold pitcher to wash the horseradish sauce down. Wish me luck.

over and out.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

rb jersey

shop clothing........we've got some short sleeve, long sleeve and shorts here in both girls and boys cuts. Made by Black Bottom. Short sleeve jerseys and shorts run $65 and long sleeve jerseys run $90.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

that sure is one purdy Ventana

Here's a prime example of a finely dressed El Ciclon. This one here belongs to Jean, which was in the shop for a few updates recently. Winter is the perfect time to introduce big changes and Jean certainly raised the bar for the rest of you folks out there in blogdom. Jean added a classic-multi position Gravity Dropper seatpost, from those fine folks up in Polson and then upgraded the cranks and brakes to lighter options to offset the weight penalty of the seatpost. The brakes are Formula R1's and the crankset is a Truvativ Noir. Bike weighs 28.9 #

Beautiful bike Jean. Thanks for bringing it in and letting us work on it !