Friday, December 31, 2010


The Mukluk, my second snow bike and can say this thing handles amazing. By sheer luck i left the steerer tube full length so that i can see where the stem position needed to be. Just happens to be that at full height placement of the stem/bars your body weight can be distributed almost entirely to the rear wheel and the interesting thing that happens in soft snow is that the front wheel stays more stable and rudders less, increasing the pilots ability to keep a straight line. A huge difference in control. I swapped bikes and jumped on my older Pugsley just to see if i was dreaming, and then onto a newer pugsley too. Both handlebars cut so that bars are level with saddle....neither steered as well as the hyper-tall controls of the mukluk. A winner.....and by luck too. Overall.....the Mukluk is a fantastically designed bike and the folks over at Salsa hit a home run with their first ever snow bike. Job well done fellas.

Mukluks start in at $1700 at can be dressed to accomodate just about any budget. Give us a call if you forsee a snowbike in your future. The Mukluk is as good of an option as any.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jeans new Salsa

Here's a few photographs of Jeans beautiful new Salsa Ti Mariachi. Did i mention we are an authorized Salsa Dealer ?? Yessir-indeed, take a look here to view their entire line of adventure minded bicycles.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

couple ways to keep spinnin' during these winter months

Lemond Revolution stationary trainer. $495
Surly Pugsley - $1395
The Surly gets my vote !