Friday, September 28, 2012

Yeti SB95

slightly used Yeti SB95, size large  -  $4000

Thursday, September 27, 2012


serotta pantograph...made by mavic



baby steps....the walls framed and sheeted.

bathroom break

 the new red barn expanse is coming along quicker than anticipated, we're pounding nails and putting up walls today. Truss's arrive on friday. We're hoping to provide a little privacy for you folks in the near future. But can you believe it......we're steps away to having running water and modern septic working at full speed. Red Barn steps boldly into western society.

note: customers identy is disguised so as to not embarass him or her. Dig the stache ?

Monday, September 24, 2012


The main motivation for this excursion south, as you probably already know was for the Interbike show at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas NV .It became clear to us, not long into our 1st days drive that the real reason we took the trip was for this window of opportunity to dirt sample along the I-15 corridor. Running Utah from border to border, north to south with my wife, a couple of nice bikes and a 12 pack of beer opened up some incentive to ride our bikes in and around the mountains that we typically stare out the window at with wandering and curious eyes on so many of our Southern Utah vacations. So many mountains along the way that HAD to hide trails. Boundless options as the color of dirt changed from gold to red.....sure, we saw some shiny new wonderful parts and bikes at the show. Clothing lines, helmets, and hydration systems that will soon adorn our shop walls BUT it's the ability to ride, and to see new terrain that drives us most.

The beer....well, it is Utah of course.


The Jardine trail that leads to the Jardine Juniper.....Utah's oldest living tree at 3500 yr old. Logan Utah.


demo day at Interbike.....and my first Bootleg Canyon experience. The trails were mucho fun, the ancient lava rock whispered in your ear that you best keep the rubber side down. So we did, allthough a few of the runs with Tyler at Twenty6 products were rippers and slightly out of control.

The bikes ridden.....Santacruz TRC, carbon Nomad, Tallboy LTc, Turner's 650 Burner, Yeti SB66, and Intense 27.5   all bikes rode super nice and the wheel dilemma is getting fierce. Favorite bike from the weekend. Turner Burner....stable and snappy, close second....the carbon SC Nomad. But in all honesty, all the bikes were amazing.  Tracy's favorite a mile she says Turner Burner !! And that her 08' Turner RFX is up for sale.  : )


Hur-i-cun........Gooseberry Mesa


Park City, my second time to ride these trails within a two week period. The P2P was such a fantastic event that i really wanted to take Tracy back to these trails to show her how good the singletrack was......making 78 miles that much easier. Park City's singletrack rips.


the start of the I-15 road trip on our way down to Vegas. First stop....Pocetello.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Park tools

First production repair stand. 1958.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Phil wood fatty

Velo orange

Bike campeur


Hydraulic road caliper

Thomson dropper

Thomson dropper

Remote lever


Ti bars

Cinelli vdub


Pashley guvnor


I bike art

Thursday, September 13, 2012

KS LEV seatpost

here's the new $390 LEV seatpost from the folks at Kindshock. There are lots of nice whistles and bells with this new post. Full incremental droping positions up to 150mm of seat drop. 15deg incremental cable stop positioning. Adjustable return via air pressure....and little to no slop at the saddle. At first glance.....whats not to like ? 

How's it ride ?? Smooth....and minute adjustments are a breeze. We'll be heading out tomorrow for a weeks worth of desert testing in S. Utah and N. Nevada. So we'll chime in once we get back.

1985 Fisher Mt Tam

there is a new bike in the barn......a 1985 Tom Teesdale made Fisher, made in small production runs and then painted by Tom's wife. These classic fishers are a gem and made with pride and joy....fillet brazed construction. Also...notice the hite-rite, the dropper seatpost original.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Downey Mountain fire

The Downey Mt fire got really hot yesterday with strong winds and hot dry temps., it's getting a little scary out there.....everyone stay safe !

Friday, September 07, 2012

Salsa Casseroll

Erik's new SS Salsa Casseroll

JP Weigle

frame saver, the internal rust protection for steel framed bicycles. We do that too.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

20 tooth rings

Action tec inner rings......the super granny ring. $75

Ventana El Chucho

Ventana's El Chucho (29 front / 26 rear) or otherwise known as the mutt is a new addition to the barn. We'll have this bike around for demo for a little bit....stop on in to check it out, throw a leg over it and see how she rides. Size large.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Park City P2P

nothing like starting a race with 350 of your best was tight quarter racing for quite a while.

Park City P2P

the aid stations were stacked with goodies to help you make it to the destination and packed with volunteers to help make the ride a little bit easier.....this in itself made the ride from great to incredible. I had one gal take my hydration pack from my shoulders to fill it with water and another fella take my bike to lube the chain while i sat back and chewed on a couple orange slices. Incredible.

Park City P2P

the Turner 5 Spot ran flawless for me....and was a blast to run the entire ride.

Park City P2P

all about the pickle juice.......cramping in the hamstring at mile 40 or so and one of te volunteers recommends pickle juice, wha ????  Yep, the shit worked. No more cramping.

Park City P2P