Thursday, December 31, 2015

Stan's Flows on Hope Pro II purple!

Hopefully Mr. Jeff likes these wheels as much as we do.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Smokey and the Bandit Colored Fat Bike

To commemorate the auction of the last Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, we decided to build a Ventana El Gordo in the requisite black and gold color scheme.  Lots of goodies on this one; Ventana El Gordo frame with 12 x 197 rear hub spacing,

Paul Components Klamper mechanical disc brake calipers and Love Levers,

Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank and Bars, Sram GX rear derailleur, Shimano XT front, Sram X7 shifters, ODI Troy Lee Lock On Grips,

Salsa Bearpaw 15 x 150 Thru Axle aluminum fork, salsa stem and a Cane Creek 40 Headset..

...and let's not forget the Gold Surly 100mm Clown Shoe rims on Salsa Fat Conversion Hubs wrapped in Vee Rubber Bulldozer and Snowshoe XL 4.7" tires.

Just add "You, (yeah YOU!)" and some pedals and go out and conquer some snowy trails.  Burt Reynolds' style 'stache is optional.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A whole lotta 4.8

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's like it's Christmas in here.....oh wait

It is.  Knolly Warden lookin' good.

New Turner Czar with cartridge bearings....FOB!

Thanks Aaron and all the great folks at Industry Nine for sending us some holiday 9.0 ABV.    We will be sure to enjoy this in a responsible fashion.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ever build a complete bike around a single part before?

Watch this sweet Paul Klamper mech caliper and Love Lever turn into a Jet Black Ventana El Gordo fat bike.....stay tuned.

Beautiful Sunday sharing the Multi-use Trail. Fat Bikes, XC Skiers, Skate Skiers, Dog Sleds, Snow Mobiles and Timber Sleds all out and about.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sigma Buster 200

the Sigma Buster 200 (as in 200 lumen), the bare minimum amount of light that you'll need to get you out there having fun, cycling at night. Also perfect for those commuters that ride during those low light time periods of the day. And at a pocket book friendly price of $40. 

LED, 200 Lumen with 3 power options
Power mode (200 lumen @ 2hr run time)
Standard Mode (100 Lumen @ 3.5hr run time)
Eco Mode (50 Lumen @ 7 hour run time )

USB rechargeable (cable included)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lake Como

The trail around the lake is riding well.....the north side shore trail much more compacted than the south. 

The road heading up to little rock creek has good compaction leading to fresh tracks coming down Shannon ridge.

It's snowing hard and all of this will probably change within the next 6 hours. Is feeling a bit like winter out there. Love it !

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Groomed Trail Permits are here.

If you are planning on riding your bike on any of the 4000 miles of groomed snow mobile trails,  you need a trail permit,  which we are now an authorized vendor of.  Come on by and we'll get yo u set up. 

Monday, December 07, 2015

An alternative way to go fat tubeless.......starts with using a tube!

Ready for assembly
A good friend of the Barn told us about this method so we thought we'd give 'er a go and see how it works.

We will be working with a new Sun Ringle Mule Fut 80SL rim, which is tubeless compatible and a 45NRTH Husker Du 4.0 tire. (Yeah, I know, I'm missing the umlauts in "Fut", "Husker" and "Du.")  The rim has a cut out section in the center, like Surly's Holy Rolling Darryl, only square instead of round so we will leave the vinyl strip in place.

The original tube will be set aside as it isn't needed for this conversion but will make a good back up incase you need one out in the wild.

The secret ingredient for this recipe lies in  the tube section to make it work.  We are using a 24" x 2.4-2.75 Presta tube which has been cut
radially, down the back spine (opposite the valve side) and then splayed open.  Kinda like butterflying or spatchcocking a bird.
 Once that is done, you line your rim with the new tube inserting the valve in the valve hole as usual.  There will be some overlap of the tube on either side of the rim which will help us when it comes time to install the tire.  It will be removed once the tire is on and the bead is seated.  It will look something like this:

Now, depending upon how old your tire is, it may gone on easily, or your may have to battle with it a little, especially if it's our Husker Du.  Take your time, use a plastic tire lever if you need.  These rims don't have much of a valley in the center section so it doesn't really matter where the first bead is in relation to the rim.  Try to keep it in the center as you would with any tire change.  Once the first bead is on, make sure the tube is still placed evenly on the rim.

As you work the second bead onto the rim, take care to not gouge/cut/pinch the tube.  It can become tight as you work the last section on.  Try to pull the loose tube over and outside of the tire as you work the bead in place.  Take small sections and work them slowly.

Sometimes is helps to get the inner bead of the tire and tube lubed a bit.  We've had good success using Pedro's Bike Lust as a light lubricant to help seat the bead on stubborn tight tires.
Pedro's Bike Lust

 Once both sides of the tire are on the rim, it should look something like this.  Just for kicks, we wanted to see if we could get the tire to hold some air without any fluid, so we removed the valve core, grabbed the air chuck and blasted it up to 40ish PSI.....after a few loud and startling "POPS!", we noticed both beads had seated are were holding air.  It did lose some after a few minutes, but we were excited to see the beads had seated and it was holding air.

Next, we added about 8 oz. of Stan's tubeless tire sealant.  This amount is a rough guide, you may need a little more or less depending on how the bead/tube/tire is seating.  It tends to be less messy having the tire completely on the rim and fill the tire through the valve using a syringe, especially when trying to get the bead on this setup over the rim yet still have the tube flap hanging out.

Blasted the tire with the air chuck to seat the bead.  A little popping and hissing was heard while I removed the air chuck and pressed my finger over the open valve stem.  I quickly inserted the valve core and tightened it up, then added more air to compensate for what was lost during the valve core install.

I spun the wheel and to get the fluid all throughout the nooks and creavasses, then set it down to let it rest for a few minutes.  Once I didn't here any hissing of air escaping, I got a utility knife with a fresh blade and began to trim the excess tube flap that was hanging outside the rim/tire.  Using a fresh new blade is key, it doesn't take much pressure to trim the tube.  You really need to take your time and go slow so you are only cutting the tube.  I laid the knife against the side wall of the rim and used it as a guide keeping it at an angle to lessen the chance of cutting too deep.

After trimming both sides....and not slicing the side looked like this.....all trim and tubeless. 

This wheel set has been out on a couple rides now and is holding it's own.  Initially, the rear wasn't hold air and would lose pressure after about 24 hours.  I added a bit more fluid, spun and road the wheel and it's since held.  

The one unknown about this setup is just how easy or difficult it will be to keep that tube lined up when we have to change tires.  Having the extra flaps during the initial install made it easy to keep the tube aligned....not so sure it's gonna be that easy the next time.  But we'll blog that and let ya know.  Until then, keep the fat tire stoke high, and your PSI low!

Sharing the trail.

Hope some folks were able to get out this past weekend to enjoy fat biking.  Since we are sharing some of the trails, let's try to remember to keep our "fat foot print" less obtrusive. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

it's fatty time.

Fat bike enthusiasts, it's that time of year again when the grooming machines are steadily back at creating that sweet corduroy track. The snow is good right now, reports are coming in that Gibbons Pass is riding fantastic. Cold-cold snow. Compacted. Como Lake area is another fantastic place to kick around on a fatty...from the sandy lake shore, the ice coverage, the loop around the lake OR the ridge trail to the south. All are fun-fun-fun.

And now, your fellas down here at the red barn bicycle shop have been busy at it like santa's elves building fat bikes perfect for the season. I'd like to envite you to swing on in, give one a rip. Take one of our rentals out. Any or all of the above. Guaranteed to bring a smile.
A couple of things this year.....

Montana has a new Groomed Trail Pass that is required if you're going to be riding on any of the 4000 miles of groomed snow mobile trail that the state has to offer. You can purchase your passes at Bob Wards or online at MT FWP

Once again Jay Petervary is hosting his Fat Pursuit bike race series on Dec. 19th for the 60k and Jan 8-11th for the 200k

And of course a reminder that this coming Saturday the 5th is GLOBAL FAT BIKE DAY ! So get out there and enjoy the season.

One last thing.....January 13th Salsa Cycles will be here with a TRUCK LOAD of fat bike. Ever want to try one on for size ? We'll be hosting a night ride that evening with food and beverages. Want to ride with us ?? Call us for more information and how to reserve a bike for the evening. We're really looking forward to this fantastic evening.