Monday, April 28, 2008

Canfield One

Here's a bike that we built up over the weekend for Cameron, who came down to the Bitterroot from Great Falls. This was the first time we've built up one of these bikes and i admit that i was pretty darn impressed with the quality (frame did need some prep work, but nothing past the ordinary facing & chasing of the BB shell). The ano finish looked quality and the suspension linkage looked like it could handle a little abuse....the 20mm lower pivots should fight off any inherit flex. I even managed to sneak it out of his hands to take it for a quick spin once we put the final touches to it. At a smidge shy of 30# the bike felt really quick when you stomped on the pedals which is a tough charateristic to pull off for most 7" travel bikes. The suspension felt as good as any 10minute parking lot test will allow you to check, it seemed to just float over the small bumps, almost made them entirely dissapear. I thought it pedaled pretty darn nice and i know Cameron was stoked to get it home for a spin on his local trails....i'm sure he'll be calling soon to let us know.

the One

a close up of the linkage....darn front derailleur was a little tight fitting, but we managed with a tradional clamp dual pull Shimano XT

re-inforced for large stoppers.

Griz Triathlon

Here's a pic from last weekends Griz Triathlon (i know i'm kinda late posting). Bdid and myself ran mechanical support for the 20th annual. Good times under blue skies and we even managed to find a few bikes that needed our services.

see blue tent ..... that's us.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mike's new bike

Titus RX Carbon....

Mike was looking for a fast bike that he could use for endurance racing and came to us with a frame preference and a budget....we took care of the rest and sent Mike out of the door suited up with a super nice racer-x. First race on the new bike for Mike will be at the Leadville 100......good luck Mike and we hope you bring home one of those fancy Leadville belt buckles.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

name that funk

so.....good pal and customer walks into the shop with a bike this past week and he wants to drop it off for a spring deluxe tune up (clean,lube and tune). As i'm checking the bike in something kinda catches my eye.....i point out what appears to be a large piece of flesh.....customer shrugs his shoulder and says he didn't notice it, but with one of those sheepish grins that seemed to say "good luck with that" . I put my nose to it and it certainly smelled funky and in a state of deterioration (rot is probably a more appropriate description).What is it ?? Your guess is as good as mine.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

long time-no post

Welp....things have finally simmered down a bit after getting back from a nice family vacation. Most of you were aware that aaron was at the helm here at the shop while i loaded the kids in the VW as we took off on a road trip that took us through 5 different states....eventually we would spend a large potion of our time hanging out on the fine beaches of Carlsbad CA. Nice place there in Carlsbad......good mexican food at Pollo Marias, a nice place to rest our head at Seashore on the Sand (back door opened up to the surf), and a kick ass bike shop called Pacific Coast Cycles. Chuck and Gretchen who run PCC were nice enough to get me outfitted with a bike and enough details on the area to keep us fairly busy. What else do you need in a small town other than good food and bikes ? Here's a few pics:

hike in Zion

pic from Gooseberry
since we had to drive through Vegas i thought the kids would think the lights were pretty cool, so we timed to drive through on the strip at night. And indeed all three had their heads out the windows the entire time.

19 hrs of driving to Carlsbad....view from the room once we arrived.

Karate Monkey on the 101