Monday, September 24, 2012


demo day at Interbike.....and my first Bootleg Canyon experience. The trails were mucho fun, the ancient lava rock whispered in your ear that you best keep the rubber side down. So we did, allthough a few of the runs with Tyler at Twenty6 products were rippers and slightly out of control.

The bikes ridden.....Santacruz TRC, carbon Nomad, Tallboy LTc, Turner's 650 Burner, Yeti SB66, and Intense 27.5   all bikes rode super nice and the wheel dilemma is getting fierce. Favorite bike from the weekend. Turner Burner....stable and snappy, close second....the carbon SC Nomad. But in all honesty, all the bikes were amazing.  Tracy's favorite a mile she says Turner Burner !! And that her 08' Turner RFX is up for sale.  : )

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JC said...

650B rules!!!!!