Monday, September 24, 2012


The main motivation for this excursion south, as you probably already know was for the Interbike show at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas NV .It became clear to us, not long into our 1st days drive that the real reason we took the trip was for this window of opportunity to dirt sample along the I-15 corridor. Running Utah from border to border, north to south with my wife, a couple of nice bikes and a 12 pack of beer opened up some incentive to ride our bikes in and around the mountains that we typically stare out the window at with wandering and curious eyes on so many of our Southern Utah vacations. So many mountains along the way that HAD to hide trails. Boundless options as the color of dirt changed from gold to red.....sure, we saw some shiny new wonderful parts and bikes at the show. Clothing lines, helmets, and hydration systems that will soon adorn our shop walls BUT it's the ability to ride, and to see new terrain that drives us most.

The beer....well, it is Utah of course.

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