Sunday, March 11, 2012

road ride

Had a great ride today with Bender, Dan, Ridlon and Marlon the human powered moped. 65 miles to stevensville and back and officially the first road ride of spring. It's time to start throwing down some miles with thoughts of the Park City Point 2 Point and the Butte 50 weighing in the back of my mind. 78 miles of singletrack  and 14,000 feet of climbing in one event will do i'm turning miles over this year with a coupe of goals in mind. I'd like to finish the P2P in the sub 9 hour range and maybe the Butte in the 5 1/2 hour range. Considering the effort it took to ride 65 today i've got a ways to go before i'll come close.

My legs are tired, my body is tired but goodness sake it sure feels good to be out pedaling some miles. Bring on the sunshine, i'm ready for it. Butte 50 and P2P....bring it.

Same place next sunday too if you've got a goal of your own. 10am

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