Monday, November 21, 2011


new e61 brew group in action 

It's been one of those long time add an espresso machine to the shop. Personally for my own personal love of coffee, but also/and largely based on an experience that i had once when Tracy and i were living in Kansas City. Hanging out with good friends Doug P. and Ian Kirby and probably after a bike ride they take me into their favorite bike shop (at the time i believe we were all working at Bike Source) .... Old Towne Cyclery which i believe is now called ACME. I absolutely love visiting different shops and when you visit one that is good, and soulful you will hopefully remember it. In this case OTC was a pleasant shop and as soon as you walk in the front door you are hit with a plethora of different aromas.....lube, grease, butyl rubber, and in this case .... coffee, the beautiful fragrance of coffee. I slowly make my way around the shop. Doug and Ian go straight into the back room to find Bob who was the shop manager at the time. Bob was a bike junkie too and more than happy to show me around since it was my first visit. Old Towne was your classic roadie shop with as many used road bikes as there were new. And i say classic in terms of an abundance of steel framed bikes and an absence of soul less carbon. There were also two things that stuck appreciation for old classic Campagnolo parts and excellent espresso. They had both of these items highlighted front and center. A glass case FULL of used Campy parts and directly behind that was a vintage looking machine that also brewed a mean cup of coffee. Thanks for that tour and cup of coffee. Bob, i truly hope i get to repay you someday for your generosity. 

So stop on in for a's winter now and much slower out here in the shop. A perfect time of the year to pull up a stool and belly up to the bar. Espresso is now on the menu....

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Yet another reason I need to make it out to RB!