Sunday, August 07, 2011

Fred Burr trail

Had a great afterwork ride with my 10 yr old son Caelen and took him up to Fred Burr for his first visit. A 3 mile route (6 miles total, out and back) up to the lake, which basically is the remnants of an old road put in to build the reservoir..... agriculture was and always has been important here in the Bitterroot Valley and you can find man made reservoirs at the top of many drainages. The road basically climbs three miles, is rough in places, and follows a well flowing creek. This trail is a popular bitterroot trail and you will see other trail users...hikers, atv, and an abundance of horses...what's parked at the trail head will tip a person off as to who they might encounter. Me, i ran into friends, Jean and then Steve a little while after.

the hucks are looking good too

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