Monday, June 04, 2007


here's a few pics from the Salmon race. Conditions were hot, dusty and i'm severly out of shape but it's still a damn good time IF you have the right cheerleaders. Check ! I'm never without good cheers when traveling with the Devall clan...i just bring my own.

But anyway......i raced the 20 mile XC course on a rigid 29er. It was a rough and bumpy course but the bike served me perfectly fine. No issues, zero mechanicals. The singletrack was fun....dusty, kinda rocky and really fast.

The Downhill course was a very short 1.5 mile course with lots of man made obstacles. 50 yards into the course was a nice little double that dumped you intop a steep slope. At the bottom of the slope was a nice dusty berm that you had to stuff both wheels into by skidding hard. Pedal hard for a few cranks and then there was a nice little 3ft rock drop....if you could carry your speed well through this section it really set you up for a wooden ramp that took you over this wash out OR you could veer left and miss the danger. After this little jump there was a fun table that finally sent you into this nasty gulley with tons of man made ramps, bridges and a few more ramps built up and over some abandoned cars. I rode the course a few times and was enjoying the free shuttles.

And then to top the weekend off.....i met up with the Hamilton local crew to hit up a 28 mile shuttle ride that drops from the top of Lost Trail pass. About half way through this ride the fatigue really started to settle in, but it's easy enough to forget about all of that when you're out on primo singletrack and under warm sunshine.

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