Saturday, June 09, 2007

Formula Bianco

Chris over at Formula just sent us a set of the Bianco brakes with metallic pad compound. We installed them up on Jay's Titus Motolite since he's been looking to upgrade from his mono-mini's for quite some time....the original plan was to get him into a set of Magura Louise BAT's (you know how much of a Magura fan i am), but since magura could not provide us with the brake that we wanted we started to explore other options. Enter the bianco, a new brake for us but very familiar with their other fine braking systems (k18,K24, and the ouro puro) which have all been stellar performing brakes so it was only natural that we call Chris to explore Jay's next option. After a quick chat Chris without hesitation recommended that we tried out the bianco's WITH metallic pads....he went on about braking performance and power charts and why he thought one pad material was better than the other. And so on and so on.....the fella is truely passionate about braking systems. So we trusted his judgement for this case and ened up with a set with 180/160mm rotors.

Italian craftsmanship and flair

the installation was painless and took less than 30 minutes. Make sure you grease the threads on the new banjo kits. Nice stainless hardware too.

first impressions were good....their loadless travel adjuster allows for precise set up on the pull of the brake lever. First actual braking on a smooth road was incredibly strong considering there hasn't been any bedding in of the pads/rotors. And i do mean incredibly....easily one of the stronger one piston designs that i've encountered. And it's not like it's over the top either since the brake modulation felt really good. These are easily a one finger stopper. Over all.....we're very impressed. Way to go formula and thanks for the tee shirts Chris !

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