Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy St Patty's

welp, i hope everyone had a stellar St Patty's celebration because i sure the heck did. First off it was a bea-u-tiful saturday afternoon and the shop stayed pretty darn busy because of it. The weather must have been rubbing off on the customers because everyone that came in the doors had a smile. A few left with bigger smiles and that's always a plus too. Eventually the goodness trickled back into the shop as our good friend and loyal customer Cynthia came in with a KHS Flite 2000 road bike that needed a couple of items checked out, mostly just air in the tires a good wipe down and a little chain lube. So we quickly got her bike on and back off of the repair stand. As she was making her rounds around the shop she soon settled in on the Susan Komen Felt Cruiser. So as i'm wheeling her KHS back out to her she comments on how beautiful the bike was and how much she'd like to have it. Sure thing. So Cynthia started to tell me about this New Belgium cruiser that she won the year before at the RATPOD ride, which is a 160 mile cancer charity ride over in Dillon. hhhmmmmm, you don't say. You see, i've been looking for one of those damn NB Fat Tire cruisers for awhile (without having to pay an arm and a leg for it), so i say to Cyntia..." Bring it in and i'll trade ya straight across for the Felt (without even seeing it) " and her face just lit up (there goes that damn contagious smile again), and sure enough Cynthia drove straight home picked up the cruiser and brought it right back. She took home her new Felt and the checked over KHS road bike that afternoon. And me......i've got another set of new wheels....i seriously strutted around the shop for the remainder of the afternoon; ) Honestly, i don't know who had the biggest smile her or me.

So i rode the bike home, and started to make plans for the evening....good buddy and riding pal Joe (who is irish) was having a Corned Beef and Cabbage cook out and bonfire at his place. So my wife and i headed out on a pair of cruisers and peddaled our arses off and headed on over to Joes. Brian was already over there sip-ping on a tall boy, Shrek was there tipping back the New Castle. Joe looked lit as he was ending his 2 week long, self purification/cleansing BS, he was happy, content and lit but that's an entirely different story. So tracy and i settled on in, grabbed a cold one and a slab of flesh and made good conversation with friends. As soon as the sun went down the shananigans began, i played it safe and stayed out of the fire. Not everyone had that same agenda and the fire walking commenced. We hung around till late and evetually rode the cruisers back home on a very dark night...smiling all the way. Good times.

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